We Already Know When the Demo of FIFA 18 Will Come Out!


The Gamescom has already concluded and brought us a couple of news about FIFA 18. They are too many and we will bring them very soon. For the moment, we can bring you this news about the demo of FIFA 18, because given the past editions and the data collected, we can already have an idea of when the demo of FIFA 18.

Thanks to our researchers and data from past years, we already know when the demo of FIFA 18 is coming out. If everything goes according to plan, the demo of the game will be released in the following week (from 9 to 16 September). And, presumably, the 13th will be the longed-out day on which we can play the demo. Although Electronic Arts has not given the final date yet.

The most recent example we have with past deliveries:
FIFA 17 was launched on September 29 (date also set for this FIFA 18) and had its demo on the 13th.
FIFA 16, for its part, arrived on the 22nd and the demo came out on the 8th.
In other words: there is usually about 15 days between the release of the demo and the complete game. And the service of FIFA 18 Coins will be available as long as the game released.

Contents of the demo
In the demo we will have access to a small introduction of The Journey and quick matches. Obviously, with reduced versions of both game modes only. And, although the teams that will be available in the test are not yet confirmed, chances are Real Madrid, PSG and Bayern, among others.

Soon Electronic Arts will give concrete details of the demo. But bearing in mind that it has been repeating strategy for several years, it would be strange if we did not have one. It remains to be seen, too, if the version of Switch comes with the same functionality as the other consoles.